on the Border of Civilizations

Towards a Critical Edition of the Metaphysics of Avicenna



Last update: 11 January 2017

The present section offers:

i) an alphabetical list of currently known manuscripts, arranged according to the name of the nations where they are preserved, with indication of cities, libraries, and shelfmarks, and additional information (when available) on date of copying, copyist, owners, place of copying, content, and references in the main catalogues of Avicenna's works

ii) the same list of manuscripts, arranged according to the names of cities where they are preserved

iii) a chronological list of the manuscripts whose date of copying can be assessed, in as much as either it is attested by colophons or other instances of dating in the manuscripts themselves, or it is speculatively reconstructed by previous inspectors of the manuscripts or within the project on the basis of codicological features (script, material support, binding etc.). Not all the manuscripts belonging to lists i) and ii) are present also in this third list

iv) a list of the attested copyists and owners of the mansucripts, arranged in chronological order

v) a list of the attested places of copying of the manuscripts, arranged per cities

vi) a map that allows to visualize the geographical spread of the places of preservation and/or the places of copying of the manuscripts