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Towards a Critical Edition of the Metaphysics of Avicenna



18 December 2018
Ivana Panzeca's mission in Iran

Ivana Panzeca visits several Iranian institutions and meets their representatives along with Prof. A. Melloni and Prof. G. Ferriello.


Meetings on 13-18 December 2018:

  1. Meeting with Dr. Ashkevari, Markaz-i Iḥyāʾ-i Mīrāṯ-i Islāmī (Qum)
  2. Meeting with the Curator of the Manuscripts Section, Kitābḫānah-i Marʿašī (Qum)
  3. Meeting with H.E. Mohammad Masjed Jamei, former Iranian Ambassador to the Vatican and Chief Advisor at the Foreign Ministry’s School of International Relations (Qum)
  4. Meeting with H.E. Seyyed Javad Sharestani, Ayatollah Sistani’s representative in Iran (Qum)
  5. Meeting with Kazem Musavi Bojnourdi, Director of the Center for Great Islamic Encyclopedia and his entourage (Tehran); news on
  6. Meeting with Mohsen Javadi, Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance for Cultural Affairs (Tehran); news on, news on and on
  7. Meeting with the Archbishop Leo Boccardi, Apostolic Nuncio of the Holy See (Tehran)
  8. Meeting with Ashraf Brujerdi, Director of the Kitābḫānah-i Millī Ǧumhūri-yi Islami-yi Iran (Tehran); news on, news on and on