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Towards a Critical Edition of the Metaphysics of Avicenna



01 June 2017
Amos Bertolacci speaks about whether God is a Substance according to Avicenna


International Conference of the Aquinas and the Arabs International Working Group, Creation and Artifice in Medieval Theories of Causality, The Warburg Institute, University of London, 1-2 June 2017, organized by R. Taylor, K. Krause, C. Burnett




Thursday, 1 June 

09.00: Registration of Attendees and welcoming words 

Session 1: Chair: Mary Catherine Sommers (Houston) 

09.30: Michael Chase (Paris), ‘Creation and Continuity In Neoplatonism: Origins and Legacy’ 

10.30: Luí Xavier Lopéz-Farjeat (México), ‘Al-Jabbār and al-Ghazālī on Divine Speech and the Controversy over the Createdness of the Qur’ān’ 

11.25: Coffee Break 

11.55: David Twetten (Milwaukee), ‘Aristotle Less Transformed: Averroes and Why the Prime Mover Is not an Artist, but the Art’ 

12.50: Lunch for speakers, chairs, organizers 

Session 2: Chair: Janis Esots (London)

14.30: Ann Giletti (Oxford), ‘The Eternity of the World and Eternal Creation on the Part of the Creature: Did They Amount to the Same Thing?’ 

15.30: Ed Houser (Houston), Creators—Created and Uncreated: What Aquinas Learned from Avicenna 

16.25: Coffee Break 

Session 3: Chair: Charles Burnett (London) 

16.50: Keynote Speaker: Amos Bertolacci (Pisa), ‘Is God a Substance According to Avicenna?’ 


Friday, 2 June 

Session 4: Chair: Katja Krause (Durham)

09.15: Charles Burnett (London), ‘Agency and Effect in the philosophy of Abu Ma‘shar of Balkh (Albumasar)’ 

10.15: Nicola Polloni (Durham), ‘Indeed, the soul has not been made by the First Maker: Creation, Imitation, and Matter’ 

11.10: Coffee Break 

11.35: Philippe Vallat (Vienna), ‘Are Creation and the Created Assumed Nature “real” for God? Remarks on Aquinas’s commentary on the Liber de causis and Christology’ 

12.30: Update: Richard Taylor (Milwaukee), Update on the Work of the AAIWG Members 

12.45: Lunch for speakers, chairs, organizers 

Session 5: Chair: Richard Taylor (Milwaukee) 

14.30: Therese Cory (South Bend), ‘Colour is in the Air, as the Power of Art is in the Instrument: The Concept of Spiritual Inherence in the Arabic and Latin Traditions’ 

15.30: Dragos Calma (Cambridge), ‘Being in the Light of the Intellect’ 

16.25: Coffee Break 

Session 6: Chair: Charles Burnett (London) 

16.50: Keynote Speaker: Jon McGinnis (St Louis), For every action…: Medieval Islamic Reactions to Views on Generation and Creation