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Towards a Critical Edition of the Metaphysics of Avicenna



27 April 2016
Amos Bertolacci, Lectures in Iran on the PhiBor Project and the Philosophy of Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna)


News on the Web in Iran


Cultural Institutions (in Farsi, with pictures)


1) Iranian Institute of Philosophy, Tehran


2) Bu Ali Sina Scientific and Cultural Foundation, Hamadan

2.1) Meeting with the Mayor of Hamadan

2.2) Meeting with Ayatollah Mohammadi

2.3) Lecture at Hamadan University

2.4) Meeting with the Director and personnel of the Bu Ali Sina Foundation

2.5) Visit of the Avicenna Shrine in Hamadan


3) Center for Strategic Research, Tehran


4) Center for Great Islamic Encyclopedia, Tehran


5) Malik Library, Tehran


6) Majlis Library, Tehran


Press Agencies (in English)


1) Iran FrontPage, Translation of Select Items from the Iranian Press


2) ABNA, AhlulBayt News Agency


3) Globe AQR (Astan Quds Razavi)